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STAY FADED out our 2019 single!

Stay Faded was the first single that was recorded with a full band!

It started out by recording drums at RK1 Studios with Matt Kemp as our engineer. Needless to say, Matt Northcott was able to track his drum part in two to three takes!

Guitars and vocals were all recorded at home with Janos Wozniak; Bass was tracked by Eduardo Martinez in his home recording setup.


What is Stay Faded about?

It is a song about people living in their own distorted reality

Who designed the art cover for the song?

Our buddy Shawn Bender designed the art cover for our single!

Check out his website here!

Where can I listen to Stay Faded?

You can listen to our 2019 single on Spotify, Apple Music, Band Camp and Google Play!